Forwarding Messages

Because server IDs are used to protect APIs, there arises occasions where servers need to be firewalled: a private server within a crate may implement a range of powerful and dangerous APIs, of which only a small portion should be revealed to external callers.

The general idiom in this case is to:

  1. Create a process-private server that contains all the APIs. The server is not registered with xous-names; it is entirely a secret within the crate.
  2. Create a process-public server that contains only the public APIs. This server is registered with xous-names and it may have a connection limit of None, e.g., anyone and everyone may connect to it.
  3. Certain messages are forwarded from the process-public server to the process-private server.

In order to support this idiom, messages have a .forward() call. Usage is straightfoward:

    // A private server that can do many powerful things
    let cm_sid = xous::create_server().expect("couldn't create connection manager server");
    let cm_cid = xous::connect(cm_sid).unwrap();
        move || {

    loop {
        let mut msg = xous::receive_message(net_sid).unwrap();
        // .. other code

        // These messages are forwarded on to the private server
        // This one is a `lend` of a memory message
        Some(Opcode::SubscribeWifiStats) => {
                ConnectionManagerOpcode::SubscribeWifiStats as _)
            .expect("couldn't forward subscription request");
        // This one is a `blocking_scalar` scalar message type
        Some(Opcode::UnsubWifiStats) => {
                connection_manager::ConnectionManagerOpcode::UnsubWifiStats as _)
            .expect("couldn't forward unsub request");

Other usage notes:

  • Message types cannot be transformed across the forwarding boundary.
  • You are allowed to inspect a Memory msg by unpacking it into a Buffer, but you must make sure the Buffer goes out of scope before calling .forward() (perhaps by putting the inspection operation within its own block, e.g. a pair of curly braces).