Getting Started

The wiki is going to be the most up-to-date source of information for getting started, as it is still a topic in flux.

Below are some excerpts from the Wiki, but some links may be out of date.

Update Your Device

Setting up Security


  • Jargon: Confused by terms like SoC and EC? You're not alone.

Other Issues

Pre-Boot & Security

Between the Software and Hardware: Hardware Abstractions

  • UTRA Hardware register access abstraction for Xous
  • Peripheral access conventions Goals for hardware register abstractions
  • COM Protocol between the embedded controller (EC) and the main SoC

Hardware Documentation

TRNG Chronicles

Audit Trail

  • crate-scraper is the beginning of a tool that helps with audit trails. It saves all the source code derived from to build Xous, and collates all the files into a single mega-file for faster manual inspection.